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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  June 5, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. right through the morning could be see thunderstorms in the forecast? how you need to dress your kids for the last days of school. >> i was scared for him. >> a shooting victim. how you can help her. >> i don't know anything about this kind of -- frontly a meth lap. >> this it man wasn't being totally honest. more of our interview. >> french fries, nice juicy steak,er tonight we learn the truth about salt. >> the temperatures have been dropping, been kind of chilly. >> the sweater on, here is wyatt with a look at the weather. >> we are talking about the kids in the morning, probably need the extra layer in the morning, check it out. down to 50s, easton, 655 and
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the numbers could flirt with the upper 30s in spot, especially well outside the city north and west. a cool night by june standards after a day that was cool. not much on the radar, couple of showers we had well west have died off and a coastal flood advisory. if you live along the chesapeake you need to be aware. >> we will give you the look inside the painful impact of gun violence seen through the eyes of one of its victims. >> last night the woman was shot in the neck. >> now her mother said it's a miracle she lived but now she is in a lifetime of recovery and retab tapings. >> we have more on the story and how you can help. >> reporter: watch the tiny, barely noticeable movements of her head, each one exhausting. the web camera tracks those movements that control the
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cursor, one more move and the computer talks. >> milliono. >> reporter: communication still possible only with the computer or by reading lips, the bullet damaged her spinal core. she is paralyzed. . >> it happened along northern parkway. it was early in the morning, the day before mother's day. devastating for her mother. >> it's hard because when i found what happened, then when the doctors said the situation it kind of took something out of me. >> reporter: many patients hurt this badly might have died but rescue crews rushed her to the hospital where the doctor first saw her in the emergency room. >> stable eyes her. >> reporter: that's how a doctor said it. we may say he saved her. then he had to tell her she was
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paralyzed. > on with all the training there is nothing that prepares you for giving bad news like that. >> reporter: he said she made it easy for him. >> it was so inspiring the courage she has and a lot of ways she took that burden off me. >> reporter: now the doctor has gotten personally involved in her case. he went online to find that motion recognition software and put together the computer system she uses. >> first time you did you said hour your name. i ran out to tell people. and she started checking her e- mail. >> reporter: and he found the hospital where she has been moved, a speciality hospital in washington. the focus to work on helping her recover to a point where she will be able to breath on her own. . >> our partnership is to get her off life support. >> reporter: eventually the plan is to bring her back home to baltimore, the doctor is working to get her a more advanced computer, one she can use just by moving her eyes.
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>> i think it'll help her. we can -- get -- she can say what he she has to say. >> reporter: it would go a long way to helping her talk to her children and mother, a devastating shooting now behind her, ahead a lifetime of recovery but still she said she has reason to. >> hope. >> reporter: back live now, where the shooting happened. a little east of hartford road. tonight city police say they are making progress in the investigation into the shooting. they executed a search warrant just last week but still there have been no arrests. now the computer and the other equipment that the doctors hope to get for her are not things out of science fiction. he has set up a website for donations. we have a link on our website.
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live if east baltimore. >> any hope she may be able to use her legs or arms again? >> reporter: right it really is hard when you see what a great attitude she has and just laying there in that position. at this point the focus is getting her breathing back. she is on a ventilator and needs to be on it but every day they think she gets better and they are focusing on getting to where she can breathe on her own without it. she does have some feeling in her right shoulder maybe down the road there is hope but right now the focus is on her breathing. >> thank you. >> all right the holiday express, packed at this hour but 24 hours ago guests were hitting the exit after smelling something horrible. police found men cooking meth in a room. police say they were making meth because they couldn't find it on the street. outside the hotel a man comes up to us and starts talking,
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now this guy knew a lot. >> we later found out he may have known much more because he didn't let on he didn't know as much. his interview now. >> reporter: police, pair midhe paramedics,. >> i have never expected anything like this that -- i mean i -- i have been here two weeks, this is a high scale place. my god man. >> reporter: spencer smith said he was staying on the 4th floor of the hotel. the same floor where fire and rescue responded to complaints of a strong smell. the same hotel they it busted at the meth lab operation early this morning. >> i don't know anything about this kind of -- about this -- apparently a meth lab. the only things i know is what i see on movies and -- big bang. i was actually going out to get
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something to eat and i seen some cop cars drive by about four or five of them and then i seen the fire truck go by. i turned around to go see what was going on and suddenly more pulled in. >> reporter: while police investigated and hazmat crews started cleaning up he said he tried to return to his room but was turned away. >> i was supposed to be going home. i live in pennsylvania. i'm stuck out here. i have two kids. i have to go home and see them. >> reporter: he likely didn't make it home or back to his room. five people were arrested in connection with the meth prosecution and while he claimed he didn't know much about meth or what was happening, before the night was over he became a suspect. >> i don't know what it smells like so i couldn't say if i smelled it or not. >> reporter: can you imagine just checking in and -- you watching us -- what? you can't even tell. we are on the 4th floor. we have a close look at the holiday inn express.
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can you see anything? nothing. no science of police, hazmat crews, the hotel was booked full tonight. and we are working for you right now on air and online. go to the website to find our coverage on the issue and ways to find if your home was ever used as a meth lab. >> drugs, guns and cash, that's what police say they found in a home in northwest baltimore. the 4700 block of liberty road. police say they found 75,000 dollars worth of heroin, 20 grand in cash and several guns. a 39-year-old is facing charges tonight. and another violent night in baltimore. we told you about that triple shooting last night at 11. in about a 24 hour period a total of ten people were shot, four kill. the victim s were targeted .
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>> day one of jury selection for jerry sandusky. the judge asked potential jurors if they had any connections to the school, the former coach or his charity and among the possible witnesses the wife of the late coach. most of the alleged victims are also expected to testify. >> i think it's fair to say that he is anxious to get this over with. this has been the most difficult time of his life. >> nine jurors selected today included a woman whose husband works at the group where the coach's father used to work and the judge ruled it's going to happen. the opening arguments set for next monday. and the aclu claims john leopold has a enemy's list and they have records showing unjustified background
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searches. he has been indicted for allegedly misusing his protection squad. tonight he gave us no comment comment. >> update the to a story we first told you about on the news. the push for a new bill to help even the pay cap for men and women failed in the senate. one study claims women own 77- cents to every dollar men make. the senator was one of the lawmakers behind it. she said this fight is far from over. >> i'm putting my good step -- back on and i am combat ready to keep on fighting. >> the bill was just eight votes short of passing. opponents claim it would cause hardships for businesses. >> honk if you have seen this before. dog, liking the wind out there. how many of you ride with dogs in your laps or the backseat? while we are all focused on no
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texting while driving, how about distracted dogs, david reed survived a crash after his dog jumped on his lap. >> i tried to stop in time, swerved but i couldn't stop. >> now there is a call for pet seat harnesses and the dogs that had it enjoyed it. in hawaii it's against the law to ride with a dog in the lap. rhode island and oregon have the same and other states are considering this. >> many of us have bought something that a few months or years later just turned out to be dumb. >> wouldn't it be nice to know that in advance? we show you some offers that you may regret down the road. >> reporter: have you seen any of the commercials for things claiming they can speed up your computer or for search program that will let you know in someone is searching for you? many people pay for them but it
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says they are a stupid tax. you may have seen ads for my life and other search service, could an old flame be trying to find our? laptop magazine says probably not. they say paying for it is stupid. fees, renting a computer, where you pay $1,200 for a 350-dollar computer. down loading a free program to clean up your pc. laptop magazine said it'll always find a problem that requires a fee to fix. and renting a wif," for your home. you can buy one for $50. and from the doesn't it stink file the biggest stupid tax of all. roaming and data fee itself you go outside the city. laptop magazine said it can be $25 a day just to have your smart phone on the network in europe. not even making calls. doesn't that stink? it says speak with your carrier
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and get details on fees before you use your phone in mexico, canada or overseas. none of those are illegal, they are all real just trying to make a buck but if you pay you may pay a stupid tax. they said it may be a case of don't waste your money. >> taxing our stupid ty now. >> those of you who throw salt for good luck it may have worked. >> we have always heard how bad salt is but tonight we tell a new salty tale. >> you have to have boardwalk. we will talk about our next chance for rain after a very cool and dry night outside. . >> you ever get kicked under the table? the super bowl for shin kickers. when the news comes back.
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. tonight we witnessed history. something that will likely never happen again in our lifetime. the planet venus passed across the face of the sun. won't happen for another 105 years and they hope it will spark people to be curious about the unverse. the sight was missed by some, clouds moved in front of the sun as the planet passed. >> looked like a stink bug. republican wisconsin governor survives a recall election. he beat a democrat tonight. the recall really started last year as a local fight over his efforts to curb public unions but all politics is local became national in how to solve government bucket problems and many feel it's just a small sample of what we will see when the president faces off against romney. >> doctors have been say that taking an aspirin can help prevent art disease. now new research claims you may
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want to reconsider that. it shows taking every day increases your chance of major stomach or brain bleeding by about 55%. doctors say those with a history of heart problems should still take it, it's those who don't who may want to think twice. >> if you have a relatively healthy person who takes care of themselves, doesn't have a lot of risk factors that's the kind of person that you really need to look twice at and say will they benefit? >> most of the people who take it daily don't necessarily have a high risk of heart disease. and the happiest place on earth wants you to be healthy. disney and the first lady announced you aren't going to see sugar are you cereal commercials on television during their cartoons. they announced a new mickey check on shelves, like a stamp of approval from the mouse for
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disney licensed products that meet the criteria for health. the new guidelines will take effect once the current contracts run out. that will be in 2015. >> there are some who say that the warnings about to much salt may be to much. the issue is addressed in a new book called why we get fat. it continues raises questions we saw last year. it claimed that low salt intake can increase your risk of heart attacks and stroke. some doctors say it's all about moderation. >> we do know doctor fairly good that the extremes of salt intake, very low intake and very high may be harmful for the general population. >> the cdc said you should have no more, no more than a tea spoon of salt a day. less for some existing health
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issues. >> now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> tea spoon. tough to cover all the fries up. little taste is all you need. 59, it's a cool night. today we struggled up to 70. take a look at the june normal of 80 and the old record today. 101 in 1925. you get the idea of how unseasonable cool this is. baltimore today was a mix of sun and clouds, brighter earlier, cloudier later in the day and nice finish to the day. belaire today. another beautiful spot but again a day where we really saw the clouds holding fairly thick in the afternoon. same deal in the state capitol. it's a brief clearing there just before sunset. the radar sits clear tonight and we expect it to stay clear really we think most of the day tomorrow. the chance of a stray shower,
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best chance for rain will come thursday afternoon and that's about the only chance for a thunderstorm in the immediate outlook. right now temperatures, cool, again that has been the story . look atlantic city. man i'm breaking out the hoody, the hooded jacket and in deep creek in the 40s tonight. coastal flood concern, the -- of course the big full moon we have been talking about the passing of venus and we have -- coastal flooding concern, one two two feet on and overnight and through one tomorrow afternoon. coastal, hartford, southeast baltimore, also the eastern shore, along the eastern shore facing west into the bay, those areas again if you are on the water's edge ba wafer the high tides. tomorrow we should see improvement. 7 -- about a five to six degrees below average but a good day. a mix of sun and clouds, bright
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early again with increased clouds in the afternoon. the closest rain in northern virginia. unsettled in spots but not so much around baltimore or the eastern shore. the overall pattern a cool one with a week disturbance off the carolina coast, not expecting development but it's just enough to draw in the cool northeasterly breezes, we have a cool set up in place right now. high pressure will build in later this week. keep things dry but let things warm up late in the weekend. company this weekend. what a change the temperatures will make as they push toward 90, sunday into monday in particular. here is the trend. chances for rain. if you still need some i don't think we will see much tomorrow. there will be the potential for pop up showers thursday afternoon and if we hear tuned iter again it'll be thursday afternoon. right now we anticipate no severe weather. overnight 52, partly cloudy, tomorrow we will call it a mix of sun and clouds, 74 and tomorrow night down to 55 under
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a partly cloudy sky, the extended outlook here, temperatures will make a climb, but they are going to it take a while. we are talking maybe saturday, sunday, monday before it feel like summertime heat. enjoy a couple of cool days, it's chilly out there in spots tonight after the weather we have had. >> chilly. we are only a week away from the anniversary of the war of 1812 and that means kickoff of the star spangled celebration. it's just one of the special events planned for the celebration. more than 40 tall ships and navy war vessels will be in floating into baltimore. >> this is a once in a lifetime event, military ships from around the world coming to remember the war of 1812. >> the best. the week long celebration starts june the 13th and continues through the 19th. also includes a fly over from
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the navy blue angels. >> cool event. >> you know we really were taught it's wrong to kick people. that is the whole point of one sport. >> here is a look at night line. >> coming up, troubling revelations about the vaccine given to millions of american children. we have a night line investigation. plus we get to know the shrinks to the stars, the hottest therapy in hollywood. that's after the news.
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because thrills hide in the shadows... just waiting at every turn. verbolten -- a new multi-launch coaster coming to busch gardens. brave the black forest. . how many times have you
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been in traffic -- a colorado woman saw a man holding up photograph kick she honked her horn. police say the man got out of his car, walked over to her and slapped her. you won't believe this. the police gave the man a ticket and she got a ticket for him propose use of the horn. >> you need a swift kick in the shins. welcome to a wide world of sports, from england, one of the only sporting traditions, the shin kicking championships. its been going on since the 1600's. the harder they kick the better they fall. when you are out on a date night on friday under the table didn't try this. >> especially on a first date. the final day of the queen's celebration, the queen
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has been a queen for 60 years, the one noticeable person missing her husband. he was not feeling well. a rare address the queen addressed her people with the recorded message. >> it is touched me deeply to see so many thousands of fa manylies, neighbors, and friends celebrating together in such a happy atmosphere. >> celebration ended with a lunch and carriage procession back to the palace. quite a celebration. >> invite the queen to the 1812 celebration. you. >> spot of tea. come on. >> or crabs, make it maryland style. >> check this out. this is moon rise, if you look at the right part of the screen you see that big full moon. that actually is enhancing the high tides. coastal flood warnings in the dark shaded counties. by the way, we will warm up
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. don't kick me under the table. >> bam. >> perfect. >> ow.
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